Helpful Tips for Buying a New Garage Door

tips for buying a new garage door

Are you new to buying a garage door or just need a little help with the buying process? Purchasing a garage door is a big commitment, and knowing your options can help ease the process. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying your new door.

Cost of a Garage Door

With a wide variety of customizable features, it is easy to find a garage door that expresses your individual style and complements your home. Determining whether your house has a classic, contemporary or even rustic look can help you narrow down your options. Once you have decided which style is best for your home, it is time to choose which garage door best fits your budget.

Steel Garage Door

Steel doors are easily customizable and are available in a variety of finishes that can be painted to match the color of your home. Steel doors can be insulated or uninsulated, with multi-layer doors providing the most durability, dent resistance and energy efficiency. The average cost for a steel garage door starts at $1,000 and can go upwards of $4,500.  More information on Steel Garage Doors

Wood Clad Garage Door

Broten’s Signature Series Garage Doors can be custom designed making them one of the best doors for curb appeal, especially if you own a more traditional looking home. The average cost for a garage door made of quality wood can start at $4,000.

Composite Wood Garage Door

Composite wood garage doors combine the look of all wood doors with the durability of steel. Composite wood can be custom stained or painted to match the appearance of your home and require less maintenance than a traditional all wood door.   Canyon Ridge Doors offer a great variety of composite garage doors.  The cost of composite wood doors start at $4,000.

Importance of Insulated Garage Doors

A properly insulated door for your location and climate is a must. Garage door materials and technologies continue to improve and a tight door seal can further help to keep out the elements and reduce noise.

Depending on which way your door is facing, an insulated door can help regulate temperatures inside your garage, especially if your garage door tends to get a lot of attention from the sun or heavy winds.

Garage Door Safety Factors

Your garage door has a tendency to be the most susceptible to wind damage because of its large size. So, when living in a hurricane-prone area, a reinforced-impact garage door will be your best bet to withstand the elements. To help keep them in place under extreme winds, reinforced garage doors must have additional bracing, heavier gauge tracking and other necessary hardware.

When you are contemplating on a new door for your home, look for door models that mention “hurricane-rated” or “storm ready,” so the door you purchase already comes with reinforcement in the structure of the door to defend from the elements.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a garage door

With the purchase of your garage door, you may also need a garage door opener.  Most garage door companies also sell openers and can install them for you.

Make sure to ask the company you are working with if installation is included in the cost of the garage door. Installing a garage door can be dangerous and time-consuming, so it is best left to the professionals.

Are you ready to get started on the garage door of your dreams? Check out the garage doors Broten has to offer, schedule an estimate, and let us help you make your dream door a reality.

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Why You Should Buy an Insulated Garage Door

Your garage door is on the largest exterior parts of your home.  You insulate your walls, your attic and your windows – why would you not consider an insulated garage door.  More than just being a focal point of the exterior of your home, your garage door is a place to protect your vehicles, entertain guests, a place to do your laundry and many other things.  In short your garage has become another living space.

insulated door


An insulated door is a “sandwich” of two layers of steel with a layer of insulation between each piece for a strong, yet lightweight garage door.

With an R-Value of up to 20.4 an insulated garage door can provide year-round comfort and improved energy efficiency.


Energy Efficient. Insulated garage doors help keep your garage cooler which helps keep your making your garage and home more comfortable all year long.  This can help also reduce the energy costs and save you money.

Attractiveness. Insulated doors tend to look sturdier and more attractive than their non-insulated counterpart.

Stronger. Insulation adds rigidity to the door panels, helping them withstand certain impacts, as well as the stress of constant raising and lowering. They’re also more resistant to dents and dings.

Quieter. Insulated garage doors are simply quieter. Just shake a non-insulated garage door and then an Insulated Garage Door and you’ll hear a big difference in noise levels. This means that common occurrences, such as a ball hitting the garage door, will be uncommonly quiet with an Insulated Garage Door

We hope this guide will help you choose the best garage door for your home. View our collections of Insulated Garage Doors, and let Broten help you choose a door that is perfect for your home.

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Why Tune Up Your Garage Door


Just like cars, garage doors need to be maintained annually in order to keep them working properly and increase their longevity.  Not maintaining your garage door can lead to high repair costs down the road and can even cause serious accidents in the event of broken parts and openers.

It is recommended to have annual maintenance on your garage door. Have a professional do a full inspection and tune-up on your garage door and garage door opener.  This should include lubricating all bearings and springs, inspecting door alignment, hinges, wear or damage, wiring and connections, up and down force sensitivity, along with several other major checks and procedures.

When looking for an annual maintenance professional, choose a garage door company that has a reputation for quality service and expertise. Meet with the service tech that comes to your home and ask questions about the procedures they will perform.

There are a few things you can do between inspections to make sure your garage door is running smoothly:

  • Check your garage door balance monthly
  • Visually inspect wires, springs and cables, making sure there are no frays or damage.
  • Lubricate the tracks and hinges.

If you do not feel comfortable completing these tasks on your own, make an appointment with a garage door expert. Because serious injuries can occur if improperly handled, do not trying to change springs, cables or hardware.

One of the most important safety features, the reversing mechanism, is one that should be checked on a regular basis. Place a piece of 2X4 wood on the floor under the center of your garage door and close it. Once the door hits the piece of wood, it should stop and reverse. If it does not, call your local garage door company to repair it as soon as possible.  Leaving this mechanism in disrepair can cause serious injury to you or your children.

By performing these simple steps between inspections, you can ensure that your garage door is safe to operate until your next annual maintenance.

Don’t wait until your garage door stops working to get it checked out. Let the professionals at Broten Garage Door Sales perform our 20-point annual maintenance service for you today.



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What to Look for in a Garage Door Service and Repair Company


In need of repairs or service for your garage door? Looking for a reputable garage door company in your area can be a daunting task, especially when time is of the essence.  To help you find a reputable garage door repair company in your area, here are a few tips and cautions:

  1. Ask friends and neighbors for referrals. Ask those closest to you who they use first, this will give you a good place to start your research.
  2. Do your research. Check each company’s BBB rating along with reviews on sites such as Yelp or Angie’s List.  Look for companies with several high reviews, and be wary of companies with too many bad reviews or complaints.
  3. Be home. Be home when the garage door repair technician comes to your house. This way you will see any repairs or replacements being done and avoid extra repairs without your consent.
  4. Do not authorize work to be done until they clearly explain the problem and associated costs. Some companies will tell you about a repair, but not the cost. Some repairs can cost hundreds of dollars. Get the new quote in writing to avoid paying a higher price after the work is completed.

Be cautious of these possible scams:

  • No physical address – Make sure the company has a physical street address associated with their business. Some scam companies will give just a phone number with heavy advertising, but not have a storefront.   Also be cautious of companies that do not have logos or any internet presence.
  • No uniform – Reputable companies will require their technicians to wear a company uniform or logoed work shirt.
  • Generic business lines – If a company answers with a generic “garage doors” or “garage service,” be aware that company may be operating under several different business names. Ask for the business name or hang up and call another company.
  • High Pressure – If a technician pressures you into making a quick decision on extra repairs or tries to guilt you into a decision by telling you your door is dangerous, they are probably not a trustworthy company and you should look elsewhere for repairs.


Call the garage door service experts at Broten to get you the repairs you need from a company you can trust.

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What to Look for In a Garage Door Company

With so many options of garage door companies in your area, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. One of the best ways to find a reputable garage door company is to get recommendations your friends and brotenneighbors on who they use and why. Once you have a few good options, research the companies online, take a trip to their showrooms, and have a sales representative stop by your home.  Before you choose, here are a few tips to consider when looking for a garage door partner.


When looking for a partner in garage doors, checking out the company’s experience level is a good place to start.  Check to see how long the company has been in business and what services they offer.  Look at customer reviews on sites like Google, Angie’s List, or Yelp.  See what other people have to say and what types of experiences they have had with the company.

Fast, Reliable Service

There is nothing worse than having a broken garage door and no one there to help you fix it.  Choose a garage door company that will be there when things go wrong with fast, reliable service.  Many reputable garage door companies have 24-hour emergency service, but it is always best to check company policies and procedures while making your choice on the best garage door company for you and your family.

Look for a company that is family-owned and operated with service as a top priority.  Especially in Florida with hurricane season, it is important to have a company on your side that can make repairing your garage door as pain-free as possible.


Safety is a big concern when installing a garage door.  Make sure the company has the expertise on how to install your door, the proper maintenance schedule for your door, and practices company safety procedures when installing your door.  Proper door installation and maintenance is key to keeping you and your family safe.

Verify that they have the proper licenses and insurance as well.  If they give you a hard time about providing either, they may not be licensed or insured which can be a safety concern.

Accredited Dealer

It is important when choosing a garage door company to look at their accreditations.  Why? Accredited companies go above and beyond the normal status quo of running a business.  They take pride in being leaders in their industry, have a commitment to quality, and train their staff on new information and technology to stay ahead of the game.

Authorized Dealer

Have you researched and selected the best garage door to fit your home and are ready to buy? Choosing a local garage door company that is an authorized dealer of your specific garage door is a must.  When the company is an authorized dealer, it means they have the expertise to install your garage door, and have the selection you are looking for.

Ready to partner with Broten Garage Door Sales for all of your garage door needs? Contact us today to get started!

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Custom Design the Garage Door of your Dreams

wood garage doors

The right garage door can add curb appeal to your home and, because it is usually the first thing guests see when they arrive, finding the perfect garage door can make your house stand out from the rest. Plus, installing a new garage door is a low cost improvement to your home that has the highest return on investment. With seemingly endless options on garage door styles, finding the right door can seem like an impossible task.

Garage doors can be made from several different materials including: Steel, Wood Cladded and Wood Composite Cladded, Here are a few benefits of each to help you find the door of your dreams that fits your budget.


Steel garage doors are the most common type of doors because of their durability and dependability. Steel doors are easily customizable; available in a variety of finishes that can be painted to match the color of your home. Steel can also be outfitted with overlays to give your garage door the look and feel of carriage and barn doors without the cost and maintenance of real wood.

Steel doors can be insulated or non-insulated, with multi-layer doors providing the most durability, dent resistance, and energy efficiency.

✓ Durable

✓ Low-Maintenance

✓ Energy Efficient

Wood Cladded

Longing for a custom built garage door that has a look unique as your home? Wood Cladded doors can be custom carved and sculpted making them one of the best doors for curb appeal, especially if you own a more traditional looking home.

✓ Unique Appearance

✓ Ability to Customize

✓ Energy Efficient

Wood Doors enable you to create that truly one of a kind appearance that is unique to your home and will greatly enhance the value and curb appeal

Composite Cladded

Like the idea of wood but do not want all of the maintenance.  While not m maintenance free Composite Cladded Doors give you all of the beauty of real wood without all of the maintenance  These composite materials are eco-friendly, being made mostly of recycled wood, and can be insulated for cost efficiency. Composite wood can be custom stained or painted to match the appearance of your home and require less maintenance than a traditional all wood door.

✓ Durable

✓ Custom Design

✓ Eco-Friendly

✓ Energy Efficient

Want to see what a new garage door would look like on your house?  Check out our Garage Door Imagination System!

If you are ready to purchase your new garage door, contact Broten today!



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Garage Door Safety Month

Here are some helpful safety tips. This list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of every safety precaution. Always consult your Broten Garage Door Sales or instruction manual for safety information about your model.

  1. Replace Old Springs. Your garage door’s springs are arguably the most important and most dangerous part of your door. Springs wear out. When they break, injury can result. If you have an older garage door, have your springs inspected by a professional technician and replaced if needed. If your door has two springs, replace both, even if one is not broken. This will not only prevent any damage caused by the breaking of the second spring, but also keep your door working efficiently.
  2. Check Your Cables. Visually inspect the cables attach the spring system to the bottom brackets on both sides of the door. If these cables are frayed or worn, they are in danger of breaking, which can cause injury. Due to the dangers associated with high spring tension, these cables should be replaced only by a trained technician.
  3. Squeaky Springs? Springs can squeak and be noisy. This is caused by normal use and does not necessarily indicate a problem. Before calling a professional service technician, use a spray-on lubricant (recommended especially for garage doors.) If the noise persists, Broten Garage Door Sales for service.
  4. A Do-It-Yourself, Eh? Installing a garage door can be very dangerous and it is not recommended for a novice. DASMA (Door and Access System Manufacturers Association) recommends that a trained door system technicians install garage doors.
  5. Safety Cables. If your garage door has extension springs, you need a safety cable that runs through the spring and secures to the wall or ceiling at each end. When your garage door is down, extension springs are under high tension. If the spring breaks, it may cause injury. A safety cable can keep that broken spring contained. If you have extension springs but do not have a safety cable, call your Broten for safety inspection.
  6. Struggling Door? If your door does not go up or down smoothly, you may have an unsafe condition. Even older door systems should operate smoothly. If the awkward operation continues when the door is manually operated, you may have a spring system that is out of balance. This can cause premature wear and tear on other important door components. Spring systems are dangerous and should be repaired only by trained professionals.
  7. Tamper Resistant Brackets. Since the bottom of the brackets on the garage are connected to the door’s springs, these brackets are under extreme tension. They should be adjusted or loosened only by a trained door systems technician. Many manufacturers now include tamper resistant hardware to prevent loosening of the brackets by a novice.
  8. Use the Old Track? When buying a replacement garage door, some homeowners are tempted to save a few dollars by putting a new door on the old track. However, your old track may not fit with your new door, depending on the thickness of your sections, the weight of the door, the headroom required, the location of the garage door opener, and other considerations. The track and sections work together as a system. For the maximum performance and long life, you should use the track that designed for your specific door
  9. Regular Service. Your garage door is probably the largest moving part of your home and is typically used every day. Over time, parts can wear out and break, creating potential safety problems. Although you should provide monthly safety checks and maintenance to your garage door system, an annual visit from a trained door systems technician can keep your door operating safely and smoothly for a long time.
  10. Watch Your Fingers! Every year, many unsuspecting homeowners injure their fingers by placing them between the door sections to pull the door down. According to DASMA Standards 116, if your door lacks pinch-resistant joints, you should have lift handles or suitable gripping points on the inside and outside of the door. Even if your door has an opener, the door must occasionally be operated manually. Never place your fingers between door sections. If you manually open or close the door, use the handles or the safe gripping points!
  11. Man the Manual. Keep the owner’s manuals for your door and opener hanging near the door for easy reference. Every model of door and opener has specific safety instructions unique to that mode. Where is your Manual?
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The countdown is on…15 more days.

The official start of hurricane season is less than 15 days away. Actually we’ve already had our first named storm of the season… are you prepared? It’s a good idea to start getting prepared before the season starts..but what should you do? (besides making sure your garage door is hurricane rated) Start by visiting our Hurricane Central section of our website. You’ll find tips, product, advice, and loads of ways to prepare. Just in case.

Experts agree that one of the best things to do is prepare a family hurricane plan – an outline that specifies what every member of the family will do before, during and after a hurricane.

Some general guidelines for preparing your family hurricane plan are:         hurricane prepardness

  • Find out if you live in an evacuation zone.
  • Call your local emergency information center.
  • Decide in advance where your family will stay during a hurricane – at home, a friend’s home, a shelter or a hotel. Pick a back-up location in case there is a problem with your first choice. Make sure everyone knows the location, address and phone number.
  • Ask an out-of-town relative or friend to be your emergency contact, and make sure everyone knows that person’s phone number. Tell your contact person where you will be during the hurricane.
  • Make arrangements for those with special needs.
  • Talk to your employer about whether you will have to work in the event of a hurricane. If so, decide who will pick up the children from school.
  • Practice and review your plan.

A hurricane supply kit should be put together long before a hurricane threatens your area. Your hurricane supply kit should include:

A TWO WEEK supply of each item for each person in your home.

  • Seven gallons of water per person (1/2 gallon for drinking and 2 gallon for bathing, tooth brushing, etc.).
  • Store water in clean, plastic containers.


  • Purchase foods that require no refrigeration and little preparation such as:
  • Ready-to-eat canned food
  • Canned juices, milk, soup (if powdered, store extra water)
  • Soft drinks, instant coffee and tea.
  • Lots of ice (You can freeze your water supply.)


  • Formula, bottles, powdered milk, jarred baby foods
  • Diapers, moist towelettes and special medications


  • Newspapers or cat litter for your pet’s sanitary needs
  • Moist canned foods in order to preserve water
  • Plastic sheets to cover the floor of pet’s room


  • First aid kit, rubbing alcohol
  • Aspirin, non-aspirin pain reliever and antacid
  • Extra prescription medication (especially for those with heart problems and diabetics)
  • Ask your physician or pharmacist how to store prescription medication.


  • Toilet paper, towels, soap, shampoo
  • Personal and feminine hygiene products
  • Denture needs, contact lenses and an extra pair of eye glasses
  • Sun protection, insect repellent


  • Battery-operated radio, flashlights, non-electric can opener, extra batteries
  • Charcoal, waterproof matches, extra propane for gas grills (Use grills outside only.)**
  • ABC-rated fire extinguisher in a small canister
  • Portable cooler
  • Plenty of absorbent towels, plastic trash bags
  • Wind-up or battery-operated clock
  • Tarp or sheet plastic, duct tape, hammer and nails (for temporary roof repairs)
  • Cleaning supplies such as chlorine bleach
  • Aluminum foil, paper napkins and plates, plastic cups.
  • Can of spray paint (can be used to identify your home for insurance adjusters in case it’s damaged)
  • These items can cause fires and shouldn’t be stored inside the house.


  • At least one change of clothing per person, sturdy shoes, hat and work gloves
  • Blankets and pillows or sleeping bags

If you have any questions about hurricane preparation visit our Hurricane Central page for tons of information.  Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call anytime at 1-954.946.5555

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New coupons for a new month!

May has arrived and so have great new ways to save on the products and services you use most! Broten Garage Door Sales is proud to offer the following Monthly Specials to help you to save during May. Simply print out the coupon and give us a call!

During May you can get a FREE Internet Gateway and Garage Door and Gate Monitor with the purchase and installation of a LiftMaster 8550 Garage Door operator!



In the market for a new energy efficient garage door? Save all month on a new Clopay 9200 OR Gallery Intellicore garage door!




Ready to upgrade your garage door operator? Step it up with a new LiftMaster 8550! Get a new LiftMaster 8550 with MyQ Technology installed for just $429!!







We know it’s not something you’re probably ready to think about but Hurricane season is right around the corner. It’s never too early to be prepared! Get a Hurricane Tune Up for only $89 during the month of May. Better safe than sorry!




We hope you’ll find all of these coupons useful! Feel free to forward them to friends who may be able to use them as well. Have questions? Please give us a call at 1-800.683.2768!


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